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Services I Offer

Personalized Care and Guidance

Concessions available at request

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Initial Appointment £50

Counselling appointment £65

Coaching appointment £65


Before I start a counselling or coaching relationship with new client I will arrange for an initial appointment to go over some details and get to know each other. Please see below for details.

You are also welcome to to email me with any questions you may have at

Initial Appointment £50

The appointment starts with discussing some background information to help me understand your needs and any adjustments you require. We will then go over the counselling and privacy agreement answering any questions you may have. Most of the session will be discussing your reasons for coming to counselling and what you hope to gain. We will end by booking your next appointment and agreeing how frequently we will meet.

This is not counselling but more of a chance to plan our counselling relationship.

Regular Counselling £65

Usually at the same time each week, but I can offer fortnightly or monthly as well.

Each session will be structured to meet your needs. Some clients like to plan a subject in advance to explore for each week, others prefer to discuss what feel important on that day.

I will always start by asking what you want to explore and if you have any idea of what your needs are from me that day, for example finding solutions or exploring emotions.

Regular Coaching £65

Coaching sessions take place once a week for a set number of weeks with the option to extend your appointment if needed.

Sessions tend to be more goal oriented and we will discuss what your goals and needs are at the start of our work together.

Any questions? Get in touch

Thank you

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