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Online Appointments

Online appointments are video sessions hosted with This is a secure system that allows total privacy and security for our appointment.

You will be emailed a link in advance of our session to join the call. No need to download anything or create an account!

Why choose online?

  • Comfort and security. Being able to access therapy from your own home may help you feel more at ease.

  • Accessibility. You can choose to turn your camera off or use the text function instead of talking.

  • Flexibility. You can access your appointment anywhere and anytime. No need to factor in travelling time or worry about missing the bus. You can even continue our session while you're on holiday, although I'd recommend you take a break to enjoy it!

  • Availability. You have a busy life but want something as close to in-person appointments as possible.


How do I access online appointments?

  • Equipment. You will need access to reliable internet and a device with a camera, mic, and speakers, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

  • Location. A private secure space for the session is essential to help you feel at ease and for confidentiality.

  • Video software. I use for appointments. You do not need to register or create an account to access our sessions.

  • Detailed instructions and a link for our appointment will be emailed to you at least 2 business days in advance.


Is it secure/ private?

  • Software. I use for online appointments.

  • Privacy. All data is encrypted and sessions are anonymous ( will not know who you are) with no information being stored.

  • Legal. They adhere GDPR data privacy requirements and do not sell data.

  • No recordings. Sessions are not recorded for privacy.


What can online counselling help me with?

  • A lot! Like in-person counselling online therapy can help you with a wide array of personal challenges.

  • Some examples:  not feeling good enough, uncertainty around gender or sexuality, anxiety, depression, burnout, and 'lighting yourself on fire to keep others warm'.

  • If you're unsure if online therapy is right for you please get in touch with any questions and I will help you work out the right fit.

Let's Work Together

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