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In Person Appointments

In-person therapy sessions take place at The Life Academy in Edinburgh. This serene and welcoming centre is the perfect location for privacy and comfort, allowing us to explore your challenges in peace.

Why choose in person?

  • Safety/ privacy. You may not have a private or secure space available at home for remote/ online appointments.

  • Separation of everyday life and counselling. Going to a physical location can help us get into the right mental space for therapeutic work.

  • Comfort. You may feel more comfortable meeting me face to face, it may feel more 'real' to you.

  • Access. Online appointments may not be available to you due to lack of technology or challenges/ discomfort engaging with technology or a disability such as sensory processing disorder.


What is The Life Academy like?

  • Location. The Life Academy is a quiet and private location in Morningside, Edinburgh. I will greet you at the door and show you to the room we will be working from.

  • Amenities. We have complimentary coffee, hot chocolate and a selection of teas available. For photos of the centre please see below.

  • Facilities. There is a gender neutral toilet on site which has one small step required to access. If you have any concerns about accessibility please get in touch.


Can I bring anything?

  • Yes! Please feel free to bring whatever helps make you feel at ease. A notebook, a comfort item like a blanket or fidget tool, and dress comfortably.


Reasonable Adjustments

  • Requests. If you need any adjustments during your visit to the centre for our session please get in touch and let me know in advance.

  • Examples are lower lighting, larger or different font on forms, space to move, images of the room or centre in advance of arrival, paper to write on should speaking become challenging, bringing a BSL interpreter, and bringing an assistance or guide dog.

  • I will do everything possible to help ensure you are comfortable during our sessions.

Let's Work Together

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